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Building happy, high-performing teams & organizations is our passion. Leveraging Scrumban to do so is our specialty (read our book for more insight).

We're "Edutainers"

We strive to make learning about core principles and practices fun and entertaining. Our creation of the GetScrumban Game is a prime example of this in action.

We're Tool Makers

We simplify your Scrum project management and make it easy to employ a wide range of enhanced Scrumban capabilities, too!

How we can help you succeed

Here are the main ways we help teams and organizations accelerate and strengthen lean-agile practices in their environments.

Coaching & Consulting

Want your team or business to soar? We've helped a wide range of organizations (from startups to large enterprises), offering a variety of programs to accommodate every budget.

Education & Training

Register for one of our bootcamps and workshops on Lean and Agile Practices, or arrange for on-site, private training especially tailored to your needs.

Communities of Practice

We believe in giving back to the community, and sponsor or moderate a number of groups dedicated to expanding professional capabilities in the IT community.


We regularly lead free workshops, share new techniques, and present on lean and agile topics in various venues. Join us at our next event!

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Check out our people, our training opportunities and other resources where you can learn more about the success of our approach and the modern management practices we utilize.

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Scrumban Story

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