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Agile Transformation Coaching, Scrumban Coaching, Scrum Coaching - CodeGenesys Agile Transformation Coaching, Scrumban Coaching, Scrum Coaching - CodeGenesys


Lean and Agile thinking represents a big shift for many organizations. Our expert coaches are knowledgable about both practices and the principles behind them. They are able to quickly recognize what approaches are likely to work best in a given context (and why). We know what to look for when results do not meet expectations. Learn more



We regularly offer public workshops on Lean and Agile practices in a variety of venues, including on-demand coaching. All of our public offerings can be contracted for private in-house delivery at substantially lower per person costs (we also tailor content to your specific needs).



ScrumDo is our best-in-class Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban tool for large and small organizations. Use it alone or in conjunction with our coaching services to supercharge your team’s productivity and start your Agile transformation today.

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At CodeGenesys, we continuously develop and publish material to educate and teach new ways of working. Click here to view our library of resources that help people learn Lean-Agile practices.


Here are just a few examples of what our clients have to say.

  • Most efficient use of 5 days that I’ve spent during 7 months of Agile.

  • My experience with Code Genesys was very refreshing, very different from other consulting/training organizations. The difference being a general feel that Ajay and team were sincerely interested in helping our team move forward with the Kanban philosophy, they were not here just to sell the next level of consulting/training. Ajay’s delivery approach was very authentic, honest and open. Additionally, he was very approachable and was an active listener, which were great attributes for our sessions. I highly recommend Ajay and team.

    Vonda B.


We are continuously developing and publishing new material to
educate and teach new ways of working.


We specialize in guiding teams and organizations to better results without radically changing or disrupting how you currently work.

We don’t cut & paste the same solution for every customer. We constantly probe and adapt as new discoveries about your context are made.

We don’t abandon you when unexpected detours are encountered. We draw upon our professional network, tools and resources to guide you through.

We emphasize results over a specific process, and don’t show up with a predetermined strategy. We Listen. We Discover. We solve problems with you.

We help you minimize the use our services by building great teams capable of solving great problems.

We start working with a critical few, developing roadmaps designed to nurture continual evolutions over disruptive change.