Board Editor Improvements

The release that went out this past weekend contained a couple small improvements to the board editor and report profiles features that will make a big impact for some people.

Multi Select

The first is the ability to multi select cells or headers in the board editor by holding down the shift key when you click on them. When you do this, you can move them as a group, delete all of them, or duplicate them.

That last option, to duplicate them, has a big impact for people trying to create multiple swim-lanes and will make it a lot easier to manage those projects.

Deleting cells

Before, when you deleted a cell, you lost all reporting data for that cell. Clearly not an ideal scenario for any established project.

Now, when deleting a cell, you can pick which cell should take over the reporting data.

So, for instance, if you’re condensing two cells down to one, you can pick the remaining one for the reporting data to be transferred to.

Report Profile: Everything

By far, the most used reporting profiles include all cells on the board. Before, if you created new cells, you’d then have to go into your profiles and add them.

Now, there is an automatic “Everything” report profile that will always be up to date with all of your cells.

In the future, we’ll be looking at other ways to automatically generate reporting profiles, but this first step should be a big help for most people.