Epics tool improvements and some bug fixes

A few changes were pushed out to the live ScrumDo.com site today. Some highlights include:

  • Improved epics tool – Now you can open/close individual epics, reorder them, and it should all be a lot faster to use.
  • Epics are now exported in the project-level export.
  • A new “duplicate story” button in the edit story window. For when you have similar stories and don’t want to re-enter all the details. Duplicated stories will always start in the “TODO” state, no matter what the original story was.
  • Fixed a bug in the burnup charts having to do with the total points in the future equaling the maximum points in the iteration instead of the latest total.
  • We’re hiding the “Need more data” image in the backlogs now since they never generate burnup charts.
  • Fixed a bug when uploading files with a unicode character in the filename.
  • Fixed a bunch of minor UI bugs.