Kiosk Mode in Agile Spaces

‘Agile spaces’ are open team work areas, usually without any physical barriers to promote collaboration. ‘Agile Spaces’ have been very effective for many ScrumDo customers in helping improve collaboration and real time information exchange. These spaces have a large information radiator in addition to whiteboard space, conferencing equipment and enough room where groups can work together. The information radiator is a project board that visualizes the state of various story cards amongst other things like project reports etc.

The newly released “Kiosk Mode” is an improved way to visualize your work in Agile spaces. It’s an efficiency tool to help build shared understanding in your team. It optimizes the use of screen space for large display. Access the kiosk mode from the top right gear menu.


Ah and yes you can even visualize your project board from a central city location. 🙂 Chart

Thank you to all the customers who have participated in the testing of the new mode.