Open source or commercial

Here at ScrumDo we’re straddling the line between an Open Source project and a for-profit company.

Most of our code is open source under the LGPL license. You can find that in our GitHub repositories.

The cornerstone of ScrumDo is the site where we host a version of the software for you. We have a very generous free plan that has every single feature you need to manage several fairly large Scrum based projects. We expect that free plan to work for most people.

So we give away our code, and we give away a hosted version? Take those into consideration, and we’d look like fools to some people. Heck, maybe we are. But we strongly believe in a few things.

  • Scrum is great. Everyone should have access to good tools for it.
  • Open source is powerful. While we’ve only had a few minor submissions to the project so far, we believe over time it will make ScrumDo better than we alone could have done.
  • We love making things. Ajay and I needed a project to work on, and we needed a tool to manage Scrum. Even if we never make a dime, it was worth doing.