Performance Update and new Due Date field

This weekend brought two sets of changes to ScrumDo

Performance Updates

We had two areas in ScrumDo that were causing our customers major trouble. The first, was the newsfeed for anyone who had a lot of news in their initial feed. The worst-case we saw was upwards of 20 seconds to load and render that initial page which was completely unacceptable. It should be a lot faster now. That example I mentioned is down to around 2 seconds, and the page performs a lot better after loading.

If you were copying & pasting (or drag/dropping) images directly into the text fields of your cards, you probably noticed a pretty big slowdown. That’s fixed now.

We also took a pass at optimizing a lot of our API calls. For instance, the call to read the cards (which is used by everyone whenever you load a board, story list, or several other places) saw a nice improvement as illustrated by this graph:

Due Dates / Deadlines

On your cards you can now set a due date. When you do, you’ll see a calendar icon on your board that will change colors depending on when the date is. More than 5 days away is grey, 5 or less is yellow, and past-due is red. Hovering over the icon will show the due date in a tooltip.

This was one of those features that has been requested a lot in the past. We’re always reluctant to add more fields to cards so they don’t become too complex, but thought it was time for this one. This is also part of our larger work to better support cross-project releases and organization wide portfolio planning.