Prioritizing your Work

Deciding what to work on next is one of the most important things you’ll need to do to successfully complete a project. ScrumDo has several tools to help make this easier.

First, as you might be aware, you can estimate your cards in either points or hours. This represents the effort or the cost of doing the work and is one of the data points you’ll need to make your decision.

Hours or Points

The next piece of data is how valuable that work is to the business. To support this, ScrumDo has a Business Value field on each card. We label that in dollars since doing an economic prioritization usually makes the most sense, but you’re free to think of that field in any terms you like.

Business Value

Once you have these two data points, you need a way of comparing cards to decide which one should be completed next. This is where the Priority View of cards comes into play. You can turn on priority view on the board, the iteration page, or in the planning tool by clicking the double-arrow button in the toolbar.

Priority Mode

As you can see, this makes the estimate and business value visible on the cards. Below those values are bars that show the relative values vs. all the other cards in the project. (The card with the biggest value would have a full bar)

You can also see a calculation of the value divided by the estimate. Think of this as your “Bang for the Buck” measurement. It’s telling you how much value you can expect per point of effort (or per hour of estimated work).

To make it easier, you can sort your cards by this calculation using the sort feature.

Sorting{: .screenshot}

As you can see from my hypothetical example, doing card #6 is by and afar the best value for the effort at $16,667 per point of effort. That’s followed up by cards #1 and #19.

Sorted cards

In the sort menu, you might have noticed an option “Set Ranks by Current Sort”. That will set the default ranks of the cards by however the current sort order is. It’s an easy way to quickly re-order all of your cards in a list.