Scrum log

Tonight we pushed out a change that adds a “Scrum Log” to your project page. It’s meant to be a place where you can record daily status messages (perhaps from your daily stand-up?). There are two icons you can click on the left of the message. The first turns the message into a “team” message instead of one from you personally. That way, one person can be assigned the task of collecting everyone’s status for a given day. If you don’t select that, your name/avatar will get attached to the message. The second button is a red flag meant to flag important messages. We’ve got some plans to integrate popular version control and continuous integration systems into the scrum log.

A few other minor changes that went live include:

  • Added max and starting points to project history page, and to the project/organization excel exports.
  • Added tasks to the scrum board.
  • Anyone with write access to a project may now add categories.
  • URL’s will auto-link again (this was temporarily broken)
  • Fixed a bug in the GitHub issues extra causing some stories not to upload

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, we wrote up some documentation on how to format text in your stories today. See it here.