ScrumDo Keyboard Shortcuts

In the past, ScrumDo has been very mouse-centric with minimal support for good keyboard shortcuts.
The release that went out this past weekend is the first step of many in changing that.


Now, on most ScrumDo app pages, you can press the “?” key to get a list of available shortcuts. Here’s what I see when I do it on my project board:

First, are some shortcuts for navigating around my project. They’re 2-key shortcuts that you use by pressing the first key “g” and then the second “b”, you don’t need to hold them at the same time.

Next, you’ll find some of the page-specific shortcuts. Right now, on the board we have three.

a – Add a card

This will open the add-card window to let you quickly create a new card.

o – Open a card

This will prompt you for a card number and then open it. The card doesn’t even have to be on the current page, ScrumDo will go find it and load it up for you.

f – Open Filter Window

This is so you can quickly change filtering options on your board.

Confirmation Windows

We’ve also added shortcuts to most of the confirmation windows that pop up. In the following example, you can see the “Y” and “N” underlined. Pressing those keys activates that button.

Card Edit Window

While editing a card, there are two additional shortcuts that are added to quickly save or cancel your edits. Combined with the “a” shortcut above, this makes it much easier to quickly add several new cards.

{: .screenshot}

Next Steps

This is only the first iteration of adding keyboard shortcuts and more will follow. If you have good ideas for more, let us know