ScrumDo – Stacking up against the Competition

by Marc Hughes

Recently, we were featured in a head-to-head review against some of the largest project management tool players around including JIRA and Active Collab. And we’re pleased to report that ScrumDo was deemed ideal for use in both Scrum and Kanban projects as well as being called out on a having four major integrations including GitHub, Slack, HipChat and Flowdock.

The review compared each tool against six criteria to determine overall suitability, features and benefits including:

  • Process model
  • Flexibility to create personal workflows
  • Features and editions
  • Method of mobilization
  • Integration and expansion options
  • Cost

Our reviewer especially appreciated the fact that ScrumDo is ideal for both Scrum and Kanban projects. In addition, the review called out our expert on-site coaches who work hand-in-hand with organizations to establish and build on the Agile approach.

Because the report is written in German, we translated just the ScrumDo section below. Read the entire review here. Ready to try out ScrumDo free for 30 days? Take a test drive on us. And special thanks to Jaxenter and Christine Bauers.

ScrumDo Everything for Scrum and Kanban (translated from German to English)

The project management tool ScrumDo developed by ScrumDo LLC, is ideal for use in Scrum and Kanban projects. The focus of the application is a multi-configurable task board that can be used for several teams.

Planning of several iterations and releases is intuitive with ScrumDo. It is not only suitable for the capture and management of user stories, but also for bug reporting. ScrumDo fosters collaboration within the team. An integration into the web application messaging system enables timely communication with the team members. In the joint planning of an iteration supports the Planning Poker feature, in which each team member can make a card with the number of story points for a user story.

Configurable graphs show the progress within the iteration, allowing it to see how long the processing of each task took.

In the Premium Edition ScrumDo offers are offered the opportunity to integrate different tools like GitHub or Slack. A private REST API provides the tool availability to use the detected within ScrumDo data for further analysis or in their own applications.

Through its parent company, CodeGenesys, ScrumDo users can employ expert coaches to assist their organization in establishing the agile approach.