Short-term roadmap

We’ve been asked what our future plans are a few times, and here’s what we’ve got on our plate for the short-term, these are all things under active development that will almost certainly make it to the site within the next month or so.

  • Investigating some popular time tracking applications to integrate with.
  • Adding a new dropdown custom field that can be configured per project, and can be reported on.
  • Support epic stories and allow them to be broken down into non epics.
  • A third party API so other applications can get at the data. (I know, we’ve been promising this for a while, this time we mean it!)
  • A mobile client (using that API)
  • A kiosk-mode application to show the status of your projects.

Longer term, a lot of the recent talk around here has been centered around integrations with, or imports from other services to make ScrumDo work better in a community of web apps.

We’re always looking to improve the features we already have. That last little extra bit of polish can really make the difference and we try to squeeze those in whenever we can.