Some more changes

A few changes went live on tonight.

Major changes

  • New charts/summary on dashboard
  • Drastic improvement to iteration load times
  • Search across all stories in an organization
  • A new scrum log interface

Minor changes

  • Editing/Adding Epics now creates newsfeed entries
  • Added warning if you click “Add project” on team page with no project selected
  • “Track Assginee” and “Use Tasks” are now both on by default in new projects

Fixed bugs

  • Removed “hidden” projects from staff teams
  • You can once again edit organization names
  • You can once again delete organizations and teams
  • Fixed some bugs in the Harvest and Jira extra configuration wizards
  • Excel exports won’t fail because of duplicate worksheet names anymore
  • Iteration burndown broken if date ranges too far in future
  • Fixed avatar upload bug
  • Fixed bug in determining which iterations were “current” when iterations were missing dates
  • Some UI bugs in page width
  • Removed the red ajax error dialog
  • hit-area of the links for selecting your organization in the drop down is bigger
  • Fixed UI styling of plans page

There is also super-secret email notification system that went in place, but isn’t visible to everyone yet while we run it through it’s paces.