Did someone ask kanbaanscrum board

We’ve heard it from a bunch of people, and lacking a board showing your stories progression towards completion has always bothered us too. Now, we’ve got the first version of one live up on the site. To use it, go to one of your iterations and click the “Scrum Board” link on the right. You should see something like the screenshot below.

You can drag stories into columns to set their status. The three buttons in the upper right determine how much of the story to show in the board.

Along with this update, a few other things were pushed out.

  • Fixed some IE7-only bugs
  • When you filter iterations, there’s a count of how many stories are found.
  • The projects/organizations list on the homepage can now be grouped into categories (set the category on the project admin pages)
  • Iteration planning page now has a progress bar to represent the percentage of work committed to vs. the velocity
  • Now, you can only drag stories from the edges, this way you can select, copy, and paste text from them easily.
  • Big iterations should load a lot faster now.
  • We’re properly serving all our static media from a CDN, so it should get to you faster. Should lead to a faster page load.