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This week’s release

We recently released a few changes to ScrumDo that I think will make some people very happy. Aging Reports We have a new set of three reports to help you understand how your long your cards stay in different states on your board. You can report by either a reporting profile, or by tags on…

Upcoming changes to story organization

As we mentioned in the previous blog post, we’re working on some big UI/UX improvements. One area that we’re tackling is how stories are organized and categorized. Right now we have categories and tags on Scrum based projects, and then we have categories, tags, and card types on ScrumBan based projects. It’s confusing to know…

Epics tool improvements and some bug fixes

A few changes were pushed out to the live ScrumDo.com site today. Some highlights include: Improved epics tool – Now you can open/close individual epics, reorder them, and it should all be a lot faster to use. Epics are now exported in the project-level export. A new “duplicate story” button in the edit story window….