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Updates for Assignees

Here at ScrumDo we are always making improvements to our tool. Many of our users give us great feedback and we are listening and implementing some excellent ideas which is a great contributor to our cultivation of a kaizen culture. Today we want to show what’s new for you as an assignee in your ScrumDo…

Attachment notifications

Attaching a file to a card now generates a news item, email notification, and notifications in chat extras. Card Context Menus Right clicking on a card now opens a menu with options available for that card. This should make it a lot quicker to do some common tasks. Default Report Profile Report tool will now…

ScrumDo Keyboard Shortcuts

In the past, ScrumDo has been very mouse-centric with minimal support for good keyboard shortcuts. The release that went out this past weekend is the first step of many in changing that.   Now, on most ScrumDo app pages, you can press the “?” key to get a list of available shortcuts. Here’s what I…