This week’s release

We recently released a few changes to ScrumDo that I think will make some people very happy.

Aging Reports

We have a new set of three reports to help you understand how your long your cards stay in different states on your board.
You can report by either a reporting profile, or by tags on your cards. This is great for determining things like:

  • When a card is marked as Blocked, how long does it usually stay like that?
  • Which step in the process takes the longest to complete?
  • What impediments cause the most delay?

You can see screenshots of all three types, plus more detailed information on the help page.

Epic Completion Bars

In the planning tool, there are new colored bars above each epic. These are to help you visualize the status of cards within those epics.

  • Grey = not started
  • Blue = in progress
  • Green = completed

All cards in the epic, and in any sub epics are counted. When you expand an epic, you’ll also see a new “total cards” stat which is the count of all cards in that epic plus sub epics.

Smaller changes

If you signed up with a username and password, and want to associate a GitHub account so you can login with that instead, you can now find the option in account settings.

We’ve deployed new hardware for our search cluster, which should speed some actions up.

For large projects, CFD’s should generate a lot faster now. We now cache a large piece of the reporting data. You might not notice a speedup the first time you run it, but from then on it will be a lot faster. For a large sample project we saw a reduction from 58 seconds to 8 seconds.

We added the project to the board page title, very useful if you have multiple projects open in different tabs.

Previous changes

We haven’t written one of these release blog posts in a while, so here’s a quick recap of some other changes that went out earlier this month:

  • Teams now have an option to determine if members show up in the assignees box of the project.
  • Invitation emails are redesigned and should be a lot easier to use leading to less confusion.
  • Burnup & Burndown charts got a facelift.
  • Fixed several bugs with our Date pickers
  • New API documentation –
  • New organizations get a tutorial project now
  • A new 5-user plan was added
  • New Github, Hipchat, Flowdock, and Slack integrations
  • Fixed a bug where labels were duplicated when duplicating a card
  • Fixed a major performance issue relating to epics with many cards in them.
  • Fixed a bunch of annoying bugs that could occur on the planning tool while moving cards around.
  • Fixed bug parsing tags with spaces in them
  • Fixed My Stories list for iterations with dates assigned.

Coming next

Our current major development effort is focused around reporting and managing work at higher levels than projects.
We’ll be bringing back an updated release tool, and adding a new portfolio planning module.