Upcoming changes to epic tool

As promised here is sneak peak at some of the improvements in our new planning tool.

A little background:

The epics tool has been one of the most used tools in ScrumDo. ScrumDo allows epics to be decomposed into multiple levels, and affords ScrumDo users unparalleled flexibility in investigating and analyzing their work.

Separately, we’ve had an iteration planning tool for moving stories from your backlog into your iterations. Earlier this year we released a two column mode in the epics tool which started to blur the differences between the two tools.

In the new design, we’re completely combining these two tools into a single unified interface where you can do all of your high level planning for a project.

Planning effectively in ScrumDo often involves a few distinct activities:

  1. We Identify objectives and encapsulate them as epics.
  2. We decompose epics into sub-epics until we identify achievable pieces of work known as stories.
  3. We investigate feasibility and prioritize stories.
  4. We schedule stories for execution into projects that have iterations or no iterations. (We released Scrumban type management of execution which involves no time boxes last year)

Like the current version, you can still decompose epics into stories, and then move the stories into iterations.


With the new UX you will have the flexibility to schedule stories directly onto the board! This can be especially useful if you have different swim-lanes for different teams.