Weeks updates – Harvest

An update went out today with a bunch of great changes for the site.

If you’re a Harvest user, we’ve got a new extra for you! After enabling our Harvest extra, you’ll get two new links on your iteration pages. One to upload the stories from that iteration to Harvest, and one to archive those stories. This should make it a lot easier to track time on stories and invoice customers based on them. This extra is brand new for us, and we’re not huge Harvest experts. We’re really looking for any feedback you might have with it.

You can now edit stories from the scrum board.

As you edit an iteration, the right side panel will now update as you work. This included the number of stories in each iteration, and the stats at the top.

On the iteration page, the filters and sorting should be working better now.

We added a new field to stories called categories. This is a drop-down field that you can customize in your project admin page. This will let you have a custom field with a limited set of options. You can filter on and export this field through the organization export.

CSV files can now export stories with unicode characters in them. If you were getting a mysterious failure on these exports before, this may have been the cause.

We now have a CSS sheet for printing that formats all the pages a little bit better. We’ve seen some wildly different results in different browsers, so we’re still tweaking this one.

We’ve shifted our subscription plans around a little bit. Our Silver and Gold plans are cheaper, but they come with fewer users/projects than before. There’s a new top-level platinum tier. We’re trying to have smaller jumps between the plans, it won’t cost anyone more to get the feature levels you had previously. We’ve also got some options for yearly paid subscriptions if that’s easier for you.