What is Scrumban & Why Should I Care?

When Kanban is applied to Scrum, the resulting framework is called Scrumban. Scrum tools don’t have all the necessary features and metrics to manage the Kanban side of the house. And Kanban tools don’t have the necessary features and functionality to manage the Scrum side of the house. We created ScrumDo for Scrum from the ground up so Scrum teams wouldn’t have to make compromises. We’re evolving ScrumDo for Scrumban for the same reason.Learn more about Scrumban

Our in house Kanban trainer and Lean Enterprise Agile coach, Ajay Reddy, explains Scrumban in this newly minted site: www.scrumban.io. He’s helped organizations apply Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban at enterprise scale, and is ready to share his experiences with you in this presentation. His book ScrumbA3n – Journeys from Mess to Success, is scheduled to be published later this year and will be avialable for purchase.

The ScrumDo team has been hard at work preparing to release a new set of features and functionality to ScrumDo. We’ve already introduced some basic Kanban features, and what we have in store will build upon this base.

Existing users won’t experience any major changes with our release — unless they want to. So we’d like to share a little more about how our tool supports the option to layer Kanban with Scrum, and why that might be important to you and your Scrum teams.