Attachment notifications

Attaching a file to a card now generates a news item, email notification, and notifications in chat extras.

Card Context Menus

Right clicking on a card now opens a menu with options available for that card. This should make it a lot quicker to do some common tasks.

Default Report Profile

Report tool will now remember the last report profile you ran a report on.

We noticed a lot of people have to change the report profile every single time they go into the report tool since the default wasn’t what they wanted most of the time.

This is especially useful for users who display reports on a central monitor in their office using an auto-refresh tool of the browser.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug: Slack integration was not working on projects with unicode characters in the project name.
  • Fixed Bug: On the planning tool, if I select a sort-order and then open an iteration up, the cards aren’t sorted in that order. I have to select the sort order again.
  • Fixed Bug: On the board, the sort-by option should affect the backlog in the left sidebar in addition to the cards on the board.

Technology Updates

That might seem like a pretty light release, but one thing which you won’t see is a lot of work has gone into some of the back-end technology stack. We’re laying the groundwork for a few really big features and performance improvements that will be coming out in future updates.