Lean and Agile thinking represents a big shift for many organizations. It’s one thing to try out new practices that you read or receive training about. It’s quite another to fully benefit from them.

Our expert consultants / coaches are knowledgable about both practices and the principles behind them. They are able to quickly recognize what approaches are likely to work best in a given context (and why). We know what to look for when results do not meet expectations. And we know these things from experience in a number of different contexts.

As active coaches, we also bring a wide community of practice to the table. This enables us to more rapidly discover solutions to uncommon issues their customers will inevitably encounter.

Our Approach

Like our favored process frameworks, we employ a results-oriented approach to our engagements. Rather than employing flat fees or hourly rates, our compensation is set based upon our success in helping your teams or organization achieve specific, measurable results.

Coaching Packages

Rather than employing flat fees or hourly rates, the fees for our coaching packages are driven by our success in helping you achieve specific, measurable results. Our approach is designed to accelerate good practices and help you avoid common traps and pitfalls.

On-Demand Coaching NEW

Introducing online training and coaching – directly from the CodeGenesys experts. Choose from our flexible blocks or work with us to create a package that will fit your team’s needs.



The Challenge: Easing the initial adoption of Lean and Agile practices without overwhelming employees with new ways of working and disrupting existing productivity.

Our Solution: Assess current systems and practices, design an implementation roadmap, lead with a minimal schedule of on-site training and follow-on with a combination of on-site and remote coaching touchpoints with select teams and middle managers to guide a successful transition.

Scaling Lean & Agile Practices

The Challenge: Scaling successful experiences across multiple teams and systems.

Our Solution: Successfully scaling practices beyond a few successful teams involves more than just lather, rinse and repeat. Every context is different, and introducing program and portfolio management capabilities is critical. Our experts will help you discover the best approaches and practices for your environment.

Building Internal Capabilities

The Challenge: Rely less on outside coaching and create an internal capacity to lead and execute the continued evolution of Lean and Agile practices.

Our Solution: We actually begin doing this on the first day we’re engaged to work with you. We accelerate “cutting the umbilical” through “train the trainer” type programs for internal candidates (identified during our engagement), ongoing consultation, and access to core training & coaching tools.