Few changes

We rolled out a few changes to the site tonight that are worth taking note of.

First, all projects must be in an organization. Before, some projects could be owned by a person instead of an organization. For any existing projects like that, we’ve created a new organization for the owner of the project and added the project to that organization. So as an example. I used to have a project called “Build Something” that was owned by me. Now, when I log in, there is a brand new organization called “marc’s default organization” and that project is in there.

You can always move a project between organizations by going into the project admin page.

Next, we have a new “Staff” level access for organizations. “Staff” level users are allowed to invite other users, create projects, and manage subscriptions. They can see all of the projects. We’ve automatically created a staff team in every organization for you automatically with the organization’s creator plus anyone in the Owners admin group. However, if this is a problem (for instance, that person isn’t around anymore) send us an email at support@scrumdo.com. Tell us the name of the organization, and the name of a user who should have staff access. As long as that person was in an Admin group before, we’ll take care of that for you no questions asked.

FYI, the logic of adding the owners/admin group to staff was these users could previously add themselves to any team and therefore were not gaining any access by this.

We’re very sorry if these changes make some short-term inconveniences, but they were necessary for us to move forward with some parts of the site.