June Wrap Up 2016


Knowing how long a card took to complete each step is really important, and we’ve added several features around this. The first is a small display on the front of the cards on your board.

Those dots each represent one day that the card has spent on your board. Each longer dash represents 2 weeks (a typical iteration). Those counters stop if the card is in the backlog or archive, and you can right click the card to reset them.

In your Workspace Settings, there are a few new options related to this display. You can turn it off, or you can set a warning and a critical threshold. When those thresholds are reached, the display will turn orange and then red. If you turn “Always Show” off, you will only see the aging dots when they go over one of these thresholds.

Inside card details, you’ll be able to get a more thorough breakdown of that aging. (fyi – these do not reset and may differ from the front of the card)


We’ve continued our enhancements around Blockers with a new Open Blockers report that lists all the currently active blockers, a Blocker Clustering report to see the relationship between frequency and impact of blockers, and added blockers to the project wide export.

Custom Point Scales

We’ve heard this one a lot, and now you can create custom point-scales on your project via your Workspace Settings.

Smaller Features

  • You can now promote a task to a card on your board.
  • Adjusted sort orders for Due Date and WSJF so the most important items are at the top.
  • Pressing enter while typing into the filter of the dropdowns will now select the top entry.
  • Added new filter options for several dropdowns, such as assignee and epic.

Fixed Bugs

  • The end of iteration email is formatted better now.
  • Iteration exports were corrupt on cards with more than 2k data in a single field.
  • If you had a custom point scale that contained two decimal places, you used that scale as your Business Value, and you moved the card, you would sometimes receive an error.
  • Tasks with long words would overflow their container.
  • If a colleague of yours created a new task and you had your browser open, you might not see that task appear.
  • Some HTML entities were appearing in the card title when you were in tasks mode.
  • You can no longer save a completely blank filter
  • When loading a favorited report, the selection for “Y-Axis” was not loaded correctly.
  • Clearing the filter via keyboard wasn’t updating the UI correctly.
  • Renaming a tag to a tag that already exists would result in two tags with the same name instead of combining them.
  • Drag and Drop was failing under certain circumstances on IE11